When you hire Mike you get a lot in one package.

♦ You get a Motivational Speaker

♦ Musician

♦ Humorist

♦ Storyteller

♦ Artist / Cartoonist

♦ Author

All in one package!

See Mike in Action

Here are ten reasons to hire Mike Moore to speak:

  1. He presents a great message in a FUN package.
  2. He is an original who really knows his stuff.
  3. He loves people and it shows.
  4. Mike is collaborative.
  5. He works with you to achieve your aims.
  6. He gets his audiences laughing and learning in no time. People respond to him positively and quickly.
  7. He is flexible and easy to get along with.
  8. Mike is a highly effective yet low maintenance speaker.
    ( His needs are simple: a good microphone and an audience)
  9. He is mufti-dimensional. You get a speaker, musician, storyteller, humorist and cartoonist)
  10. He leaves you with practical, follow-up activities to re-reinforce the message .

Humor bears a message people need in a package they enjoy. MM