The Life Changing Power of Positive Thought

(121 Ways to Put the Law of Expectation, Visualization and Inspiration to Work To Transform Your Life)

Dear Friends,

We all know that positive thoughts and visualization are really effective when it comes to re-educating our subconscious mind and changing our behavior.

My interest in the life changing power of the Law of Expectation, positive thought and visualization started in my mid twenties (quite a few years ago) when I picked up a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s best seller “ The Power of Positive Thinking”.

I didn’t just read this book with interest and enthusiasm, I devoured it and followed its suggestions to the letter.

In 121 Thoughts of Hope, Joy and Inspiration…

I share over 121 specific quotations, affirmations and visualization techniques to help put the Law of Expectation to work for you bringing about huge positive changes in your life in health, wealth and relationships.

I have also included some of my own inspirational and motivational cartoons for your enjoyment. I suggest that you put them on the fridge door so you can be inspired every time you go to the fridge for a bite or three.

Testimonials From Satisfied Readers

Mike, I have been enjoying your motivational cartoons and stories for several years. In 121 Thoughts.. you deliver once again with inspirational quotes, cartoons and affirmations that help you achieve a more positive life experience. Thanks.

Donna Krasowski MN, BScN, RN, President, Continuing Competence for Canadian Nurses

Mike. This book is a pleasure to read, and one that should be read multiple times. It holds inspiration for any circumstance,and the quotes are easily separated for reading and copying. You truly takes charge of your ability to motivate!

Chris Decker
Take Charge Motivational
Hi Mike!

I have just finished your most recent work! A true piece of Art! As a nurse, I try very hard to remain positive, and some of the “thoughts” are truly inspiring, I especially like the section on healing. Even with illness, humor and kindness will often win, or at least bring a smile to a less than happy face. The “just because you have a pain…is appropriate in so many ways!!
Thank you so much for this opportunity to get to know you a little better. I hope that you will share these affirmations, thoughts, and cartoons with the world.
May you continue to inspire and transform in the years to come!
Barbara Jurschak, RN

Mike, IT”S ALL WONDERFUL. Great quotes and inspiration puts a smile on my face 🙂 Love the drawings Thanks for helping me out everyday 🙂
Best regards,
Sabina – Ontario, Canada

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